Output power: 25W+25W ( 8 ohms) / 50W version : 50W+50W (8 ohms)

Input impedance: 22k ( unbalanced only )

Attenuators: 12 steps for each channel

Output on and off switches for each channel

Dimensions: Model 4706 170(w)x40(h)x100(d)mm

To deliver the freshness of the sound

Extreme simplicity ----- minimum circuitry

The heart of sound lives in the point of contact where musician and instrument meet. To trace this point-of-contact sound wave, Model 4706 utilises a filter/condenser with the smallest possible capacity and a minimum number of parts, and the shortest signal pass length ever. All the parts (except attenuators) are mounted on a circuit board measuring 45 x 30 m/m per channel.

Powerful voltage regulation

If energy supply depends on the capacity of filter/condensers, you can easily lose the freshness of sound. The high capacity transformer of Model 4700 (170 VA) regulates enough energy to support the extremely small filter/condenser (1000 F) of Model 4706, enabling it to trace avalanches of fff.

True values of NFB

Today's amplifier design trend tends to eliminate the use of NFB in circuitry. However, for those speakers with long strokes, NFB is still an effective device. But the length of NFB loop creates a time delay between the original and the return signals and allows noises to enter. To take full advantage of NFB, we shortened the length of the feedback loop on Model 4706 to 9m/m, which includes the length of the resistor. We achieved this breakthrough by utilising power IC and intricate point-to-point hand wiring.

Rigid and compact chassis structure

The Model 4706 chassis is constructed from two tubular aluminium frames (40 x 80 m/m section) and front and rear panels of 10m/m thick machined aluminium plate. Each left and right channel circuit is encased in a separate chassis to eliminate interference between them and to achieve dual mono structure. Model 4700's chassis is also made out of 130 m/m aluminium tube and has 10 m/m thick front and rear machined aluminium panels. Both models contain no damping materials at all.

Gaincard has to be used with Model 4700 Humpty Power Supply (separate unit). Adding another Humpty Power Supply doubles the current capacity (not output voltage) and make it complete mono block operation.

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