When used in combination with a power amplifier model S505s/S505i, with this input selector, you can switch three music sources. In switching signal systems, adopting a long life, high-reliability reed switch (contact: ruthenium) in which an inert gas is sealed in the glass tube, the deterioration of freshness is very low. It is a high purity input selector which is almost indistinguishable from the direct connection without any inclusion between the music source and the power amplifier. Besides conventional voltage-mode signalling type, the current-mode type can be selected. You can purchase it separately so that it can be used even in combination with other systems.



S506v (voltage-mode): Inputs: 3 x Line

S506i (current-mode): Inputs: 1 x Line for voltage mode, 2 x Line for current-mode

Output: 1 x Line

Size: W200xH40xD100mm

Weight: 0.7kg

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